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Born for intelligent construction machines

A company dedicated to providing high-performance core control components, key control technologies and complete sets of electronic control systems for intelligent construction machinery.

  • Team research and development strength

    It is composed of experts and engineers with more than 10 years of experience in electro-hydraulic technology research and development and application, and has more than 40 invention patents. More than 60 industrial remote controllers for various environmental purposes, and the shield machine remote controller has become the standard of China Railway.

Our advantage

Four core technologies

  • Cybernetic machine intelligence has broken through the core technology of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic control.

  • With the cylinder displacement sensor specially developed by our company, the obstacle of "software-defined construction machinery" has been removed.

  • On this basis, an intelligent, less human, unskilled and robotized mobile machinery will be realized.

Transparent machine technology

From physical space measurement to digital space iteration, machine control becomes measurable, evaluable, traceable and visual.

Energy saving technology

The optimal matching of engine-pump-working condition is realized, and the energy saving reaches 15% after the application of excavator.

robot control technology

The racing controller has the ability of motion planning and control. By establishing the motion model of construction machinery, deploying key sensors, and combining with the machine learning of operation skills and construction methods, the motion control of multi-joint robot is realized.

Electro-hydraulic control drive technology

Linear conversion, fast, accurate and stable
Fast response: 1ms completes current output and feedback, and the speed is significantly increased.
Excellent algorithm: second-order critical damping algorithm, automatic matching hydraulic valve.
High accuracy: the current accuracy is better than 1mA.
Wide application: the tremor frequency is 1~500Hz and the depth is 0~100%.

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