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Intelligent remote control

Adapt to remote control of various construction machinery and equipment, adapt to harsh environment, make the machinery more intelligent and operate more sensitive

Industrial operating lever

With 15 years of R&D and production experience, it is suitable for all kinds of construction machinery, single-axis multi-axis multi-function intelligent electric control handle!

Smart display

The high-end display and control integration platform developed for industrial control and construction machinery provides customers with a good human-computer interaction system!

intelligent controller

It is the first high protection distributed real-time control product in China. It can not only adapt to harsh environment, but also has powerful computing and storage functions!


It is applicable to a complete set of intelligent electronic control solutions for various construction machinery and equipment, helping enterprises realize intelligent control of traditional machinery and equipment!

Intelligent cloud platform

Realize real-time monitoring of equipment, remote operation, energy management, predictive maintenance, equipment utilization and other key data visualization, and improve enterprise management efficiency!