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Remote controller for truck mounted crane

Get rid of the tedious operation of conventional truck mounted cranes, and use wireless remote control to achieve remote and easy operation, improving work efficiency

Aerial truck wireless remote controller

A complete set of electronic control operating system, flexible operation, safe and reliable system intelligence

Universal pump truck remote controller

Open land>/1.2km, construction site>150m, long transmission signal, extra long endurance, more durable standby use

wireless video remote controller

It can observe the fire from a distance to ensure safe operation by personnel, and can still operate normally under special circumstances

Wet jet machine transmitter

The built-in antenna will not suffer from water leakage and damage. It is double waterproof, enabling a clearer view, and the wireless delay is less than 50MS

Shield launcher

Salt fog resistant, corrosion resistant, stable communication in metal environments, ultra long endurance, 12 hours