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process of construction machinery
Intelligent electronic control system

Let construction machinery enter the era of intelligent electronic control!

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Aerial vehicleMulti-axis industrial
operating lever

High reliability, long service life, and stable operation in harsh environment.

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meet an urgent need Fire protection industry
One-stop solution

Intelligent electric control system of fire robot

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00 Industrial control intelligence
About us

Born for intelligent construction machinery!

The founder, Dr. Zhou Xiang, is a well-known expert in the field of industrial control in China and a part-time professor of Tsinghua University

It has more than 40 invention patents and has won the National Science and Technology Innovation Award for many times!

  • Make traditional machinery industry equipment intelligent

  • Labor saving and de-skilled

  • Robotization and operation visualization

Dr. Zhou Xiang

Industries We Serve

Product structure system

Industrial "cloud platform"

Provide equipment remote supervision, real-time working condition data collection, fault analysis, and after-sales service for accessories

Electronic control system

Bring traditional mobile machinery and non-mobile equipment under harsh environment from functional machine to intelligent machine era

Smart hardware device

Remote control of various construction machinery and equipment, industrial display screen, controller, industrial operating lever, etc

  • Aerial vehicle
  • Wet-jet machine
  • Mine electric
  • Emergency fire

It optimizes all links of human ->electric ->hydraulic ->machine, making the machine more sensitive

  • Safety and reliability

    Eight limit protection,imiting protection,Anti-roll protection,Operation authority management,display of working status,Speed limit protection

  • Intelligent system

    atastoragefunction,Sensor self-diagnosis,Cloud monitoring function,System fault self-diagnosis,Remote fault diagnosis and program update,GPS positioning and track recording

Wet shotcreting machine is currently a good anchor shotcreting support tool to reduce dust, reduce rebound and save materials

  • Spread far and see clearly

    Open area>700m, stable communication, error-correcting coding, sensitivity - 125dBm, visible in the sun, soft at night

  • Robust and durable

    Ultra-long endurance: 40 hours, battery capacity: 5000mAh, ultra-low power consumption: 0.45W, handle response speed: 50ms, response curve programmable

The working environment of the mine has a high risk factor. The use of intelligent remote control in the mine operation can ensure the stable and safe operation of the equipment in the working environment with a high risk factor.

  • telecommunications

    Can use wifi, Bluetooth connection, mobile phone APP operation, wireless intelligence

  • Safety and energy saving

    Fast response, continuous endurance, power saving and energy saving, unique anti-interference technology, stable use in harsh environment

It is applicable to fire engines/fire robots/sanitation vehicles/obstacle removal vehicles, etc. Our company can carry out scheme design according to actual working conditions and equipment

  • telecommunications

    Transmission power: 13dBm (20mW), frequency: 425MHz ~ 445MHz, communication distance: open land ≥ 1.2Km

  • Complete accessories

    Transmitter, receiver and brand accessories are complete

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